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Sorbaderm® Barrier Cream

Sorbaderm No-Sting Barrier Cream provides a protective layer between the skin and sources of moisture (e.g. bodily fluids) and friction.

Sorbaderm Barrier Cream is a white concentrated cream that provides the skin with an effective moisturiser and long-term protection from bodily fluids. It can be used in the areas of incontinence skin care, peri-stomal skin protection and peri-wound skin protection. It does not reduce the absorbency of pads or dressings and allows medical adhesives to stick to the skin.
The cream does not impede the absorbency of dressings or clog continence pads and will allow medical adhesives to stick to the skin 1.

Sorbaderm Barrier Cream:

  • Forms a long-lasting protective barrier function (up to three incontinent episodes)
  • Effective moisturiser
  • Highly concentrated (apply sparingly)
  • Does not impede dressing adhesion
  • Reduces risk of incontinence dermatitis
  • Does not clog absorbent pads or dressings
  • Latex and fragrance free
  • pH balanced
  • Stays in place and resists wash-off
Product Description
  • Sorbaderm Cream 2g Sachet
  • Sorbaderm Cream 28g Tube
  • Sorbaderm Cream 92g Tube
Aspen Code
  • 3026
  • 3027
  • 3028
PIP Code
  • 357-8374
  • 385-4775
  • 357-8366
NHS Code
  • ELY346
  • ELY513
  • ELY345
Dressings per Pack
  • 20
  • 1
  • 1


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