L-Mesitran Border

L-Mesitran Border combines the L-Mesitran Hydro dressing with a hypoallergenic adhesive border and polyurethane backing, providing an additional bacterial barrier. Due to its excellent adhesive properties, it is suitable for difficult anatomical locations where regular dressings do not adhere, or where mobility is key. It is also suitable for use in areas that may become moist/wet; e.g. during showering or incontinent episodes. The dressing will stay on the skin and will not adhere to the wound bed, making it ideal for superficial wounds, skin grafts, tears, blisters and grazes. The transparent dressing allows visualisation of the wound.

When to use L-Mesitran Border:

L-Mesitran Border is indicated for chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers superficial and partial thickness burns, venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers and fungating wounds. It is also indicated for acute wounds such as donor sites, surgical wounds and cuts and abrasions. The dressing can remain in place for up to five days, dependent upon the amount of wound exudate.

Product Description
  • L-Mesitran Border 10cm x 10cm
Aspen Code
  • 512.10
PIP Code
  • 314-0985
NHS Code
  • ELZ128
Dressings per Pack
  • 10

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