Aquaform is a clear, viscous, sterile gel for the hydration of dry wounds and will promote wound healing by maintaining a moist wound healing environment.

Aquaform hydrogel rehydrates dry or necrotic tissue to help facilitate autolytic debridement and prevent low exuding wounds from drying out1. Aquaform’s excellent stability and viscosity ensures that the gel remains on the wound to minimise waste 1,3,4 . Supplied in easy to use tube applicators for precise application, the gel can be irrigated away from the wound with sterile saline to produce minimal or no trauma to the wound, resulting in improved wound healing and pain-free dressing changes.

When to use:

Aquaform is suitable for the management of most types of ulcers, pressure sores and other low exuding sloughy or necrotic wounds.  By providing a moist environment at the wound surface, Aquaform assists in the debridement and removal of necrotic and other devitalised material from low exuding wounds. The gel can be used to soften and hydrate necrotic tissue, helping to rehydrate dry granulating wounds. After applying Aquaform, cover the wound with an appropriate secondary dressing. Aquaform is for single patient use only.

Dependant on the wound condition Aquaform gel will:

  • Promote the debridement of necrotic tissue
  • Absorb exudate and slough
  • Maintain a moist environment
  • Promote healing

Compared to other leading brands Aquaform gel:

  • Is easier to apply (excellent cohesive property)2
  • Will donate higher levels of moisture3
Product Description
  • Aquaform Gel 8g
  • Aquaform Gel 15g
Aspen Code
  • 1418C
  • 1419C
PIP Code
  • 300-7861
  • 253-2638
NHS Code
  • ELG017
  • ELG030
Dressings per Pack
  • 10
  • 10


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