AndoFlex TLC Lite

AndoFlex TLC Lite is a two-layer compression solution with malodour control for patients less tolerant of compression and with an ABPI of ≥ 0.5.

Layer one comfort roll contains cyclodextrins which occur naturally and have been proven safe to use in modern wound care 1. They work optimally in the presence of wound exudate and allow for effective odour capture and neutralisation 1. Layer two is a cohesive bandage that bonds to layer one, preventing the bandages from slipping 2. AndoFlex TLC Lite provides 25-30mmHg at the ankle 3. The nylon stocking provided in the kit prevents bandages getting caught in clothing or bed sheets which may otherwise disrupt patients sleeping patterns 4.

When to use AndoFlex TLC Lite:

AndoFlex TLC is indicated for venous leg ulcers and other related conditions for patients with an ABPI of ≥  0.5.

Product Description
  • AndoFlex TLC Lite with malodour control - 10cm 2 layer kit
Aspen Code
  • 7807TLC-TN
PIP Code
  • 380-9597
NHS Code
  • EBA084
Dressings per Pack
  • 1


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