PolyMem Silver (Non-Adhesive)

PolyMem Silver helps to deliver healing and comfort with the added benefit of antimicrobial, small particle (nano-crystalline) silver (2000PPM/0.2%) to help manage wound bioburden. PolyMem Silver dressings have all the features and benefits PolyMem dressings; they help to reduce pain and inflammation, contain a cleanser and moisturiser to continuously cleanse the wound to minimise manual cleansing, and maintain a moist healing environment for optimal healing progress.

When to use PolyMem Silver:

  • Skin tears
  • Superficial and partial-thickness wounds
  • Burns
  • Donor and graft sites
  • Infected wounds
  • Critically colonised wounds


For further clinical resources visit: http://polymem.woundresources.com/

Product Description
  • PolyMem Silver 10.8cm x 10.8cm
  • PolyMem Silver 17cm x 19cm
  • PolyMem Silver 10cm x 33cm
Aspen Code
  • 1044
  • 1077
  • 1124
PIP Code
  • 328-5103
  • 334-3035
  • n/a
NHS Code
  • ELA585
  • ELA319
  • ELA318
Dressings per Pack
  • 15
  • 15
  • 12

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