L-Mesitran Soft

Designed specifically with sensitive patients in mind, L-Mesitran Soft antibacterial wound gel contains a lower percentage of honey (40%) than L-Mesitran Ointment to reduce the risk of pain caused by the stinging and drawing sensation that honey can have on patients 1.  L-Mesitran Soft can be used on chronic or acute wounds to debride and cleanse infected or non-infected wounds and reduce malodour 2,3. Frequency of application is dependent upon exudate level and wound bioburden. A suitable secondary dressing may be required to cover the gel once applied.

When to use L-Mesitran Soft:

L-Mesitran Soft is indicated for chronic wounds, pressure ulcers (Stage I – IV), venous stasis ulcers, fungating wounds (to help deodorise and/or debride), colonised acute wounds, surgical wounds, post-operative wounds, traumatic wounds (superficial wounds, cuts) and superficial and partial thickness burns. Reapply the product every 24-48 hours.

Product Description
  • L-Mesitran Soft 15g Wound gel
Aspen Code
  • 203.01
PIP Code
  • 314-0944
NHS Code
  • ELZ133
Dressings per pack
  • 1


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