BeneHold TASA

The BeneHold thin absorbent wound dressing is indicated for the management of lightly to moderately exuding wounds.

The dressing is designed to help maintain a moist wound environment, minimise skin maceration and facilitate granulation, epithelialisation and autolysis.

BeneHold TASA features a new technology combining the absorbency of hydrocolloid adhesives with the holding power, transparency and thinness of acrylics.

Please refer to the Instructions For Use in the pack

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Product Description
  • 5cm x 5cm
  • 10cm x 10cm
  • 15cm x 15cm
  • 20cm x 20cm
Aspen Code
  • MED9501S
  • MED9502S
  • MED9503S
  • MED9504S
PIP Code
  • 393-5400
  • 393-5418
  • 393-5426
  • 393-5434
Dressings per Pack
  • 10
  • 10
  • 5
  • 5

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