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June 19, 2014
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A new study in the British Journal of Community Nursing looks at the range of CoFlex two-layer compression bandages; CoFlex UBZ with Zinc, CoFlex TLC with malodour control, and CoFlex TLC Lite with malodour control for patients less tolerant of compression.

Positive outcomes in terms of performance and patient quality of life were observed in this study and the stocking provided with all CoFlex two-layer kits was found to prevent the bandages sticking to bedclothes.


This study investigates the effect of a new short-stretch two-layer compression system in eight patients with common chronic lower-limb conditions in three locations in the UK. Chronic leg ulcers are the most common type of lower-limb ulceration with 70% caused by chronic venous hypertension. An appropriate level of compression is proven to heal chronic venous leg ulcers. The study was only a small sample of patients; however, the underlying conditions included chronic venous eczema, diabetes, sarcoma, cellulitis and mixed-aetiology ulcers. During the study, the UK experienced some of the hottest temperatures in the last 30 years. This had an impact on five patients, who noted an increase in malodour associated with their leg ulcers. CoFlex TLC (Aspen Medical Europe Ltd) foam comfort layer is impregnated with cyclodextrin—a naturally based oligosaccharide known to reduce malodour. The zinc-impregnated foam bandages in this study were viewed very favourably by both patients and staff, particularly those who had chronic venous eczema.

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