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A next-generation range of absorbent hydrocolloid dressings, BeneHold’s advanced, patented technology provides gentle yet secure adhesion for extended wear
AndoFlex is a unique range of bandages including two-layer kits for leg ulcers and other related conditions.
Bard-Parker® is well-recognised as a leader in the Surgical Blades and Scalpel market, with over 90 years of trusted results in the healthcare field.
KytoCel is an absorbent, haemostatic gelling fibre dressing composed of natural, biodegradable, chitosan fibres.
Colby™ Fluid Management
Colby™ Fluid Management products provide an effective and convenient means of managing fluid waste in the Operating Theatre. This helps to protect staff from potential slips and falls and exposure to contaminated substances.
The UK's no.1 range of calcium alginate dressings*, trusted for over 30 years for their superior fluid handling and haemostatic properties, comfort during use and cost-effectiveness.
Aspen Medical Europe Ltd traces its history back 260 years, having its roots in the town of Redditch, a town renowned for the production of high quality surgical needles.
Sorbaderm No-Sting Barrier Film and Barrier Cream provide a protective layer between the skin and sources of moisture (e.g. bodily waste and fluids), pressure and friction.
A range of absorbent floor mats designed to keep healthcare professionals safe in the operating room.
Conformable, self-adhesive film and post-operative dressings which provide a water and bacteria proof barrier for wounds with little or no exudate.
Dr Fog
The Dr. Fog® Anti-Fog brand is unique because it is one of the original brands of Anti-Fog on the market.
DryMax Extra is an easy to use, superabsorbent dressing indicated for heavily exuding wounds. Fluid is locked inside the dressing, preventing maceration.
A range of antibacterial honey-enriched dressings and ointments to promote rehydration, autolytic debridement and healing while managing bacteria and malodour.
SorbXtra is a superabsorbent dressing which effectively sequesters and modulates proteases and removes slough and bacteria with absorption of wound fluid.
Polyurethane foam membrane dressings containing a tissue friendly cleanser (F68 Surfactant) and a moisturiser (glycerol), with a semi-permeable film backing. The addition of a starch co-polymer within the foam helps bind moisture and concentrate growth factors produced by the body*.
A respected brand in the Instrument Care Market, ColorTrack offers a variety of coloured tapes to make organising and tracking valuable instruments easy.
Oxboro Corner Protectors protect instrument trays from rips, holes, and tears in sterilisation wrap due to sharp tray corners, improper handling, or heavy surgical trays.
SafeClean™ Instrument and Channel Cleaning Brushes are designed to clean surgical/medical instruments and endoscopic devices.
Sorbsan Silver
Sorbsan Silver has all of the properties of trusted calcium alginate dressing, Sorbsan, with the addition of antimicrobial silver (1.5% silver alginate fibres) to manage infection.
The Sterion® Surgical Disposables brand is known for its balance of high quality and high value products.
Aquaform hydrogel rehydrates dry or necrotic tissue to help facilitate autolytic debridement and prevent very low exuding wounds from drying out.
Absorbent, hydrophilic foam wound dressings covered with a water and bacteria proof, microporous, thin foam backing.